Real-time dose and risk prediction during target and critical structure delineation for radiotherapy

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Current radiotherapy treatment planning is done with the assistance of novel software and technology, based on each patient's specific disease and its unique characteristics.  There are no current systems available to provide the clinician with information about prior patients' similar disease characteristics that may help inform a more tailored and focused treatment plan.

Technical Details
JHU researchers have developed a technology that benefits from the details and data of prior treated patients in order to predict both achievable radiation dosimetry for a current patient and also mitigate the risk of side effects in radiotherapy.  This invention provides feedback of those predictions during the process of contouring the target volumes and critical structures used in the planning the treatment.  This allows for feedback to be given to the physician while he/she is working on the treatment plan in real-time and can help guide the physician in any clinical trade-offs he/she is making while contouring the patient’s target

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