3D Lattice Weaves with Tailored Damping Properties

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Vibrations that occur within high speed rotary devices, such as turbines, can lead to excessive wear, fatigue, or failure.  As a result, technologies to reduce vibrations within these components may result in substantial savings. Although polymeric materials typically offer excellent damping properties, they are not feasible in high temperature environments and there is a substantial need for non-polymeric materials that can dampen vibrations at high operating temperatures without the use of a damping fluid.
Technology Overview                 
Cu and NiCr metallic lattice materials of two different micro-architectures were manufactured with a 3D weaving process.  Dynamic mechanical analysis experiments demonstrated that the damping properties of these materials are much greater than their bulk counterparts and were found to have damping loss coefficients comparable to polymers, but with much higher maximum use temperatures. 
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Damping Behavior of 3D Woven Metallic Lattice Materials ORD: Ordinary Utility United States 15/088,979 4/1/2016     Pending
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