A Method to Identify Variation in Physician Outcomes, Practice Patterns, and Costs

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This product provide insurers, hospitals, other medical facilities, and patients with data-driven analytics about physician outcomes, practice patterns, and costs. This method is based on the theory that access to information is the key to the best quality and highest value care. The analytics on physician performance are based on national standards (e.g., Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), specialty guidance (e.g., American College of Physicians guidelines), as well as customized metrics designed by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine and Public Health. The big-data analytics can be deployed using administrative billing data, the most versatile and widely-available patient data source, electronic medical record systems, and site-specific platforms. These conventions and data storage methods are used by every hospital and private insurance company, along with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, in the US. Aside from identifying exemplary and outlier physicians to improve the quality of healthcare delivery, our product provides rigorous financial analytics to help hospital administrators maximize profit by improving physician performance in key departments and groups of patients and track improvements over time to guide future quality improvement. The method identifies quality based on information already collected as part of medical encounters – no additional time or effort is needed from health care providers or their staff.
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