The Early Learning Assessment (ELA) Application

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Direct assessment of Kindergarten and Pre-K students using developmentally appropriate, standards-based learning progressions is a unique approach to collecting and utilizing formative assessment to improve early childhood education. The ELA uses a 'mobile-first' approach allowing Kindergarten teachers and child-care providers to more easily collect formative assessment data in real-time using common, hand-held technologies.
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The ELA Application is a software solution to support teachers in implementing a formative early childhood assessment designed around developmental learning progressions.  The app allows teachers to enter assessment results over time and view those results in a variety of ways to support learning activities. The app also allows teachers to attach multimedia artifacts, such as sample student work, to provide a more complete picture of a child's abilities and learning progress over time
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This app will be used by Kindergarten and Pre-K students as part of the Ready for Kindergarten project in Maryland and Ohio. The app will be available for iOS, Android, and desktop pc/mac platforms using a Unity plug-in. The application requires authentication with an external cloud-hosted database, as well as continuous connection to the Internet in order for the assessment results to be recorded in the Ready for Kindergarten database for instructional and reporting purposes.
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