Programmable Electronic Stethoscope

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The ‚ÄúProgrammable Electronic Stethoscope‚ÄĚ offers hardware/software solutions for improved digital auscultation in non-ideal settings and follow-up clinical aid. Current methods for analysis of lung sounds suffer from low noise tolerance. Commercial stethoscopes mainly address low/stationary noise; most are unable to adapt to abrupt, natural-sound contaminations that limit the clinical value of the chest sounds. This invention bridges the gap between true need and commercial availability. Highly adaptable to unknown clinical settings, this invention addresses the above limitations; subsequent analysis provides diagnostic aid to health care providers including patient diagnosing, monitoring, accessibility to healthcare
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PROGRAMMABLE ELECTRONIC STETHOSCOPE DEVICES, ALGORITHMS, SYSTEMS AND METHODS PCT: Patent Cooperation Treaty European Patent Office 16861049.1   10/31/2016     Pending
PROGRAMMABLE ELECTRONIC STETHOSCOPE DEVICES, ALGORITHMS, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS PCT: Patent Cooperation Treaty United States 15/772,454 4/30/2018     Pending
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