Dense Coatings with High Molecular Weight Poly(ethylene glycol) Allow Nanoparticles to Diffuse through Mucus

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Mucus traps many pathogens preventing them from reaching and infecting the underlying cells and tissues, as well as preventing particulates from reaching the epithelial surface if they are larger than, and/or adhere to the mucus mesh, which can decrease drug delivery efficiency. Many nanoparticle (NP) formulations are designed to be mucoadhesive, but Johns Hopkins researchers have shown that adhesion to mucus leads to limited distribution over vaginal, lung, and colorectal tissues. In contrast, NPs densely coated with non-mucoadhesive hydrophilic polymers, such as PEG, are able to penetrate mucus barriers to reach and uniformly coat epithelial surfaces

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Johns Hopkins researchers compared two sets of reaction conditions for coating model polystyrene NPs with 10 kDa PEG and used optimized conditions to coat NPs with PEG as high as 40 kDa in MW. They then characterized NP transport in human cervicovaginal mucus ex vivo. They further administered PEG-coated NPs to the mouse cervicovaginal tract and colorectum to assess mucosal distribution in vivo.

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The inventors demonstrate that PEG with MW as high as 40 kDa can be densely grafted to the surface of NP to prevent interactions with mucus. They found that NP coated with 10–40 kDa PEG rapidly diffused through human cervicovaginal mucus ex vivo, and uniformly lined the mouse colorectal and vaginal epithelium in vivo.

Nanomedicine (Lond). 2016 Jun;11(11):1337-43.
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Mucus Penetrating Particles With High Molecular Weight and Dense Coatings PCT: Patent Cooperation Treaty Japan 2018-522081   10/31/2016     Pending
Dense Coatings with High Molecular Weight Poly(ethylene glycol) Allow Nanoparticles to Diffuse through Mucus PCT: Patent Cooperation Treaty United States 15/771,961 4/27/2018     Pending
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