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This is a smartphone app designed to help patients attending fall prevention clinic.

Fall Prevention App was developed to help coordinate care of patients coming to the Hopkins Fall Prevention Clinic with the PMR Department. The app does not collect any patient information and does not communicate this information to anyone else. It is designed to substitute many of the handouts that we would normally give to our patients. That is to say, the exercise, recommendations, fall calendar handouts are not embedded in the app to patients don’t lose it. It also gives information about patient’s fall risk based and some of the common fall prevention strategies published by the Center of Disease Control. Finally, patients can, if they chose enter time of their next appointment by placing it on a calendar, record the recommendations given to them by the doctor, keep track of the goal completion of the goals they set for themselves, keep track of their medications and conditions. This app is not required to come to the clinic, but can be helpful to patients if they chose to use it. Finally there is information to call the fall clinic appointment phone number and address.

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