HER2-positive breast cancer cell lines derived from transgenic HuHER2 mouse model

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Preclinical evaluation of therapeutic agents against metastatic breast cancer require cell lines and animal models that recapitulate clinical metastatic breast cancer.

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Researchers at Johns Hopkins University extracted primary mammary gland tumors, purified the epithelial breast cancer cells over a number of passages, and established 7 different HuHER-2 cell lines. These lines show all the hallmarks of highly aggressive, metastatic breast cancer and are being used to establish a left cardiac ventricle injection model of widespread HER-2/neu positive metastatic breast cancer to evaluate combination therapy with alpha-particle emitter labeled HER-2/neu reactive antibodies.
These cell lines were derived from a transgenic mouse that expresses the human HER-2/neu.  No such lines have been reported in the literature and it is likely that no other lab has developed these, they are useful for investigation related to using HER-2/neu targeting reagents. 
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Tangible material. 

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