Handheld Emergency Cricothyrotomy Assist Device (Trade Name CricSpike™ )

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Unmet need:  The technology is an emergency airway device.

Technology Overview:  This technology is a handheld cricothyotomy assist device that ensures breathing tube placement into the trachea, reducing the risk of accidental placement into the surrounding tissue or puncture into the esophagus. The device can also function as a self-contained breathing device itself if a separate breathing tube is not available. The device includes two main components:  a large breakaway handle; and an intertracheal tip that can remain in the neck until a long-term airway is developed. The technology works together with a scalpel, bag valve mask, and optional size 6mm endotracheal tube to create a surgical airway and ventilate a patient. Within the procedure, the role of the device is to preserve airway patency, dilate the initial puncture incision, provide an unblocked connection to air for respiration, provide a guide for endotracheal tube insertion (if desired), provide a direct method of connection to a bag valve mask, and prevent movement relative to the body once inserted.

Stage of Development:  This surgical guide is currently being developed at Johns Hopkins University.
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