Developing Patient-centered Personalized Preventive Services for Patients with Diabetes and Other Co-morbidities

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Unmet Need

Personalized preventative care services will enable providers to realize short term gains with payers experiencing long term revenue boosts. This platform is designed to provide personalized preventative services for patients with diabetes and other comorbidities. The current disease management platforms on the market concentrate on the providers’ perspective. Dr. Elham Hatef is focused on providing patients’ perspective in managing their own chronic conditions.


Technology Overview

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have developed a website that provides a comprehensive list of patient focused, preventive services for each patient based on their age, gender, and underlying diseases, connects patients with providers and community resources, and provides the next step required for each preventive service based on the previous steps taken by the patient and the results of previous preventive health assessments. Our platform is developed based on the specific inputs by patients with diabetes.


Stage of Development

Finalized beta version.




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