Metabolic Compass: A Mobile Health Platform for Collecting Longitudinal Circadian Behavior Data on those at Risk or Already Diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome

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Unmet need
Circadian rhythms drive much of our health, but are not well understood.

Technology Overview
Johns Hopkins researchers developed a mobile health platform for collecting longitudinal circadian behavior data on those at risk or already diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome. The mobile health software stack includes an Apple ResearchKit App, an Apple Watch App, an Android App, an Amazon Echo/Alexa Skill and a cloudbased web service for collecting, and organizing health metrics and circadian behavior patterns. The platform, both in its individual components and through the combination of components, supports the easy, efficient and scalable collection of circadian behavior patterns.

Stage of Development
The app and platform enables the rapid entry of this form of data, enables collection of data over a large population, and enables users to compare their circadian behavior pattern against this population in an anonymized fashion.  The researches developed novel visualizations and UI/UX mechanisms targeting this data.  The platform enables qualified researchers to download both snapshots of anonymized dataset, as well as anonymized real-time feeds as two mechanisms for supporting an open scientific dataset on Metabolic Syndrome.


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