myPlan App: Empowering Decisions for a Safe Path Forward

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Unmet Need
Safety planning is a widely advocated intervention to prevent and respond to intimate partner violence (IPV), yet the vast majority of survivors never access safety services in formal settings, such as health care clinics. The challenge is to increase women’s access to safety planning by integrating evidence based tools that make use of appropriate technology.

Technology Overview
The Hopkins myPlan team originally developed the safety decision aid for use as an internet-based resource in 2005.  As technology has advanced, the team has continued to develop, adapt and evaluate the safety decision aid as an accessible and evidence based safety resource for diverse women. myPlan is unique in that it allows the woman the opportunity to consider (alone or with support of trained health care providers/advocates): a) relationship health and well-being; b) safety priorities (e.g. safety for children, confidentiality, feelings for partner, social support) and c) severity of violence/danger in their relationship. Based on the woman’s input, a personalized safety action plan with links to resources is provided as an essential component of women centered care. Additionally, myPlan was developed on a platform specifically designed for scaling up to add adapted content for additional populations and settings as resources become available for collaboration and further development.

Stage of Development
myPlan app is the first safety decision aid for priorities clarification and tailored safety planning with women in abusive relationships.  myPlan app currently has 6 components that were developed based on evidence in violence prevention and response: 1) Myths about IPV; 2) Healthy Relationships; 3) Red Flags; 4) The Danger Assessment; 5) Priority-Setting Activity; 6) Safety Action Plan.



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