C09883: Staph-Enterotoxin B Receptor

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JHU researchers have discovered that a glycoshphingolipid, digalactosylceramide serves as a receptor for Staph-Enterotoxin B Receptor (SEB) and have developed a recptor based immunoassay to detect nmole level of this toxin in blood.  A rapid, simple, and inexpensive sandwich enzyme-linked receptor based immunodot assay detects pathogens or pathogenic products in test samples using receptors for a characteristic component of the pathogen. This assay is widely applicable because it is highly specific, it does not require special equipment, and the results can be obtained within a few hours with the naked eye. Since the lipid-based receptors have a long-shelf life, they can be easily stored and used for a long time.

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This technology may be used in detecting small quantities of SEB in human fluids and foods

Publication/PatentUS 6528272 - Receptor-based assays for pathogens
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Receptor-Based Assays for Pathogens ORD: Ordinary Utility United States 09/019,435 6,528,272 2/5/1998 3/4/2003 2/5/2018 Granted
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