Johns Hopkins Diabetes Management Program

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Unmet Need
The medical management of glycemic control in hospitalized patients with diabetes mellitus is sub-optimal. Many problems have been identified, which include lack of knowledge by health care providers regarding names and pharmacological action of commercially available insulin preparations and oral hypoglycemic agents, mistiming of blood glucose measurements and insulin administration, non-standardized algorithms for the identification and treatment of hypoglycemia and severe hyperglycemia and poor counseling regarding outpatient management of blood sugars.  In addition, the length of stay is much longer for hospitalized patients with diabetes as compared to those without diabetes.

Technology Overview
This technology includes software solutions for the medical management and tracking of diabetic patients in hospitals. The novel aspects of the invention include the establishment of a dedicated hospital based health care team with expertise in the management of diabetes mellitus and the integration of this program with outpatient services dedicated to diabetes management (home care, outpatient office visits and referrals to specialists). This model does not currently exist in hospitals.

Stage of Development
Program and forms developed, including diabetes education consultation form and initial consultation form.  Model of dedicated diabetes management team developed.

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