Web-based Education Modules for Ophthalmology in Eyemaginations, Inc.'s Education Software - Module 2 Optic Disc Evaluation

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The Interactive Skills Transfer System (ISTS) is a new education approach to medical information that maximizes the effectiveness of learning, rather than serving as an encyclopedic data storage repository, as do traditional textbooks.

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Unlike lecture format, the interactive nature of ISTS brings each student into the process of learning at their own speed and permits evidence-based evaluation of what has been learned. Textbooks contain differential diagnosis lists that fail to duplicate the intellectual thining process needed to solve clinical problems. ISTS simulates actual medical interaction by promoting deductive reasoning from patient data, diagnostic search and acquisition, and decision-making. It progressively develops diagnostic skill in the individual student, interactively assessing success and pointing to weaknesses that require further study.
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The Wilmer Institute and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are uniquely positioned to serve as a platform for the development of this new method of medical education. The initial step in demonstration of the value of this education system wil be shown for the acquisition of skils in glaucoma management. The method can then be expanded to ophthalmology and other medical areas. The ability to implement the ISTS system on the internet provides an immediate worldwide audience for its use.

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