Reusable Desiccant Heat Exchanger Cartridge for a Portable Cooling System

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The field of technology is evaporative cooling using a desiccant (such as silica gel or molecular sieve). Evaporative cooling using desiccants normally involves passing air through beads of desiccant to dry out the air. The desiccant beads remove water from the air by a process called adsorption. The dry air can then be used in systems that cool through evaporation (especially useful for cooling sweaty humans). It is a very effective method of cooling, however the adsorption process is exothermic and the desiccant beads heat up as a result. This results in the dry output air
heating up as well. After the desiccant has become saturated with water it must be regenerated. This is  accomplished by heating the desiccant
until all the water is removed. The disclosed technology is a device that
combines at least two novel ideas:1. a new method for passing air through desiccant beads while removing heat from the desiccant and the air, and 2. a device that integrates a desiccant  container with a heat sink that allows the first method to occur while also making the regeneration process quicker and easier.
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