Pulse Ratio Modulation

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Unmet Need: Electronic or capacitive communication is necessary for the control and operation of a large number of electronics, mechanical devices, computing devices, etc. However, the existing protocols can require large amounts of code, and require a synchronization source for the timing of the signal.

Technical Details: JHU inventor has designed a system and method for data communication. It is advantageous because it does not require synchronization to physically modulate a digital signal across a medium. There are two major advantages to using this method. It is very lightweight code with minimal lines to send and receive messages. There may also be optimizations to reduce these numbers even further. Second, the signals require no additional synchronization source because they function as their own synchronization.

Stage of development/data: Working Prototype.

Publications:  PCT patent application will be available August 2017

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Constant Low Pulse Width Modulation for Data Transmission PCT: Patent Cooperation Treaty United States 15/999,841 8/20/2018     Pending
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