Measuring Medication Response using Wearables for Parkinson's Disease

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Unmet Need
Key challenges for treating Parkinson’s Disease are patient-to-patient variability of disease progression, the large temporal fluctuations in symptoms, and the unpredictable patient response during treatment. These challenges are currently addressed during clinic visits when physicians optimize treatment. Unfortunately these clinic visits are infrequent and do not provide sufficient relevant data to properly assess the immediate effects of most neuromodulatory treatment options. More frequent measurements of disease progression will allow clinicians to assess and titrate treatment on a more immediate and effective timescale.

Technical Description
The platform can be deployed as a smartphone application that integrates the sensors embedded in modern smartphones to collect measurements on core related behaviors. A novel random forest classifier algorithm is used to extract features and temporally tag key events to specific points of a medication/device activation regime. This longitudinal collection of data will allow a physician to monitor patient responses remotely and provide subtle optimizations of treatment quickly.

Stage of Development
A feasibility study was started in the summer of 2014 through the Michael J. Fox Foundations Fox Trial Finder. With a cohort of 226 individuals (121 PD and 105 controls) around the world, the HopkinsPD software was able to detect medication response with 71(+/-0.4)% accuracy. These preliminary results indicate a strong interest towards teleintervention treatment of Parkinsons.

Zhan et al. (2016) arXiv:1601.00960 [cs.CY]
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Measuring Medication Response using Wearables for Parkinson's Disease ORD: Ordinary Utility United States 15/877,640 1/23/2018     Pending
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