Infection Prevention 360 (IP 360)

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Infection prevention is a major and growing concern in the healthcare  industry, particularly in light of the emergence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (“MRSA”). 


Technology Overview:

The IP 360TM, also known as an Infection Prevention 360, is a suite of applications that manages and delivers infection prevention data in real time. It is a web-based tool that allows

infection prevention experts and auditors to enter and manage data, provide insights to set infection prevention strategies, monitor risk areas, improve quality of patient care, and

ultimately provides the safest care to the patients. For example, the HH Module is one part of IP360 that can be used as a standalone application. This tool is available on any device (desktop and handheld) that is capable of accessing the internet through a web browser. The application includes data entry forms that can be adapted to collect hand hygiene observation data and other relevant data points. These data automatically flow into a relational database where they are recorded, analyzed, and displayed in user-friendly format that allows users to sort the data and build reports according to different custom parameters (e.g. time periods, patient location, etc.). This tool greatly improves the efficiency of Hand hygiene observations data collection, data management, and reporting of hand hygiene data. This real time data feed back to the infection prevention experts, institutional leadership, stakeholders, and front line staff is a powerful intervention that helps to improve practice and prevent patient harm.


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Applications have been developed and are being tested at JHU.

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