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Unmet Need: Medical students require training through direct experience to develop necessary skills.  Simulation of patient characteristics can represent exposure to real-world experience for students beyond time in the clinic, which is often inadequate.
Technology Overview:  We have created a website that can educate and test the learner's ability to listen to heart sounds including murmurs and correctly identify them with the corresponding echocardiographic diagnosis. The heart sounds are digital recording of actual patients that are housed on The testing format is a series of randomized quizzes with unique distractors. Each case is presented as an unknown, with distractors for multiple choice questions being made up of other cases from the database. The 4 questions posed per case test unique aspects of auscultation to allow learners to work on and track their progress on different aspects. An educator can have admin access to create group quizzes for a class format. Also, each student has a comprehensive evaluations section that tracks their progress and provides feedback.
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