Dementia Risk Assessment

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With 9.9 million new cases each year, more than 47 million people worldwide have dementia. To detect dementia, questionnaires and cognitive screening tests are administered. Physicians diagnose dementia based on medical history, in-person examinations, brain imaging and blood tests. The global societal cost of dementia in 2015 was estimated at $818 billion. Since no treatment exists for most forms of dementia, early diagnosis is crucial to optimize its management.

Technology Overview
The Dementia Risk Assessment (DRA) is an online tool to determine the risk of dementia based on a novel verbal memory test, questions evaluating known risk factors, and a report of cognitive decline. The reports generated contain person-specific recommendations. The “self” and ”proxy” for both take less than 10 minutes to complete, significantly less time than current, in-person methods. The automated DRA is useful in large-scale screening programs and provides a method of assessment for those unable or unwilling to visit a dementia specialist.

Stage of Development:  Administered to over 20,000 people.

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