Motion Compensated Analytical Image Reconstruction

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An analytical dynamic computed tomography (CT) image reconstruction algorithm that can estimate and utilize information about the time-dependent motion vector field at any point of moving tissue or the sample
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Two major problems associated with the current CT imaging technique are imaging radiation overdoses and insufficient temporal resolution. This invention is an analytical algorithm which enables reconstruction of motion compensated images of moving objects. This largely improves motion artifact and blurred spatial resolution induced by the motion of the object while reducing image noise, which in turn lowers doses of radiation to patients for sharper images. Other advantages include:
• Modality independent invention and thus can be applied to any kind of tomographic imaging
• Low dose CT imaging tool
• 4D (real-time) imaging
• First analytical method opposed to conventional numerical methods
• Reduction in blurring of moving objects

Technical Details:
Johns Hopkins researchers have developed a fan-beam reconstruction algorithm using the derivative back projection filtering approach to compensate a time-dependent deformation with either rigid or non-rigid transform. An analytical image reconstruction method is applied after the time-dependent motion vector field is estimated. An iterative algorithm simultaneously estimates the motion by maximizing the agreement between the acquired 4D projection data and the reconstructed time resolved 4D images resulting in significantly better image quality.

Looking for Partners:
To develop and commercialize the technology as an image reconstruction tool for X-ray CT scanners, PET/CT scanners, SPECT/CT scanners or MR scanners.

Stage of Development:
Proof of Concept

Data Availability:
Under CDA / NDA

Publications/Associated Cases:
IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 2008;27(7):907-17
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Motion Compensated Analytical Image Reconstruction PCT: Patent Cooperation Treaty United States 12/452,089 9,514,550 12/14/2009 12/6/2016 7/24/2031 Granted
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Mitchell Harris
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