Endoscopic Closure Device/Modification

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Endoscopic Closure Device/Modification

JHU REF: C13048

Invention Novelty: An endoscopic wound closure device for treating luminal tears in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract that mechanically joins the perforated would, conferring an appreciably better seal than existing endoscopically implanted sutures.


Value Proposition: As luminal perforations cause seepage of GI fluids, which can be caustic or rich in bacteria, the perforations damage surrounding tissue through erosion or bacterial infection and are associated with high degrees of mortality and morbidity.  The disclosed device mechanically joins multiple layers of a tear to more tightly seal GI perforation, and advantages include:


·         Promotes better wound closure than on the market endoscopically implanted clips, which only seal the mucosa, because it promotes full thickness healing (trans organ, mucosa, submucosa, muscular propria layer and serosa) of the profusion.

·         Allows for minimally-invasive GI perforation repair

·         Is easy to design and manufacture

·         Allows for closure of small and large perforations due to the expandable nature of the device


Technical Details:  JHU researchers have developed a device which is an endoscopic, full thickness luminal perforation mending device, made of Nitinol wire mesh and resembles an umbrella.  The device is inserted into the body cavity through a catheter. Once inside the body cavity, the device opens like an umbrella and hooks attach to surrounding tissue.  As the umbrella closes, it brings together the sides of the laceration.  The device promotes better wound closure than on the market than endoscopically implanted clips, which only seal upon the mucosa.


Looking for Partners: To develop and commercialize the technology as a full thickness wound closure device for use in GI luminal tears.


Stage of Development: Discovery


Data Availability: Prototype


Inventors: Dr. Anthony N. Kalloo & Dr. Mouen Khashab


Patent Status: Pending


Publication(s)/Associated Cases: Case 11217
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