Thermal and Chemically Triggered Assembly of Untethered 3D Structures

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C10325: Self-Assembling Microdevices with Broad Applications in Drug Delivery, Minimally Invasive Surgery and Medical Imaging

Value Proposition:

• Current human engineered automata utilize external mechanisms for actuation and motion that are derived from complex pneumatic, hydraulic, or electrical signals.
• The need for tethers, wiring, or batteries in these devices restricts their miniaturization, maneuverability, and cost reduction.
• The novel micrograbber system developed at Johns Hopkins University enables tether-less and remotely-triggered gripping and encapsulation of microscopic structures, including biological ones.
• Laboratory tests have clearly demonstrated the ability of the micrograbber to remotely capture and retrieve cells in-vitro, thus opening up the path to remote-controlled, minimally invasive tools for biopsy and surgery.
• The tools do not need any wiring or tethers, as they can be controlled remotely with magnetic fields, moved to the location of interest, and then triggered to close on-demand to capture and retrieve objects.
• The micrograbbers can be fabricated using relatively simple photolithographic techniques, which allows the micrograbbers to be easily mass-produced in a variety of customized shapes.

Technical Details:

The Johns Hopkins University seeks partners to commercialize a novel technique that allows for the fabrication of a variety of self-assembling microdevices useful for several different applications.

Looking for Partners:

• Microsurgical tools for biopsies
• Functional microparticles
• Lithographically structured powders
• Microgrippers
• Controlled microenvironments
• Drug delivery particles

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Recongifurable Lithographic Structures PCT: Patent Cooperation Treaty United States 12/864,942 8,703,073 7/28/2010 4/22/2014 3/6/2029 Granted
Recongifurable Lithographic Structures DIV: Divisional United States 14/206,585 9,108,314 3/12/2014 8/18/2015 3/6/2029 Granted
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