An Endoscopic Device and Method to Retrieve Tetherless Microtools

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C11519: Improved Colon Biopsy Devices: Tetherless Microtools and Magnetic Deployment/ Retrieval Endoscope


The device and method is used to retrieve tissue with minimally invasive and collects large numbers of samples.

Value Proposition:

Current colon biopsy methods include collection of many, relatively large samples from multiple areas in the colon resulting in significant damage to the colonic mucosa over time, and increasing the chance of side effects for the patient. There is a clear unmet medical need for a system for more efficient biopsy tissue sampling.

- Allows collection of multiple smaller tissue samples with less damage to colonic mucosa and fewer endoscopic procedure side effects.
- The device allows deployment of many microtools to achieve the best mucosal coverage for more effective biopsy tissue collection with minimal tissue damage.
- Tissue samples obtained are much smaller than those extracted with traditional biopsy forceps and can provide sufficient DNA and RNA for diagnostic assays.

Technical Details:

Johns Hopkins researchers have developed a novel device and a method to optimize colorectal tissue sampling with minimal tissue damage. JHU scientists have designed metallic tetherless microtools which can be deployed into the colon for collection of smaller tissue samples. JHU inventors have designed an endoscopic device with magnets for deployment and retrieval of the microtools. A true statistical sampling of biologic tissue can be performed using this method, device and a large number of micro-tools. This device and method are effective in collecting tissue sampling biopsies in a swine colon model. Tissue collected is sufficient quantity and quality for molecular diagnostic assays.

Looking for Partners:

To develop and commercialize the technology for multiple biopsy applications in luminal organs. This technology can also potentially be developed for diagnostics of esophageal conditions.

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Data Availability:

Endoscopic images of ex-vivo experiments, optical microscopy, gel electrophoresis

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Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Method and Device for Statistical Tissue Sampling Using Microdevices PCT: Patent Cooperation Treaty United States 14/114,741 9,717,484 4/3/2014 8/1/2017 1/18/2034 Granted
Method and Device for Statistical Tissue Sampling Using Microdevices DIV: Divisional United States 15/665,066 10,722,221 7/31/2017 7/28/2020 1/31/2033 Granted
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