Early Cancer Detection by Single-molecule Imaging of Nucleocytoplasmic Tumor-specific Proteins in the Peripheral Circulation

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We report a platform technology for the ultra-sensitive detection and digital quantification of proteins. Our technology—which we term SMAC, for single-molecule analysis and counting—integrates microfluidics with single-molecule imaging. With SMAC, we discover the potential for nucleocytoplasmic proteins to serve as a novel class of exquisitely tumor-specific biomarkers for early cancer detection and diagnosis. As proof-of-principle, we demonstrate in multiple preclinical models that SMAC can identify early-stage cancer with 100% specificity and sensitivity.
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NON-INVASIVE CANCER DETECTION AND ANALYSIS BY SINGLE-MOLECULE IMAGING PCT: Patent Cooperation Treaty United States 16/336,124 3/25/2019     Pending
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Vera Sampels
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