3D-printed Bone Extracellular Matrix Scaffold

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Decellularized bone particulates are mixed with polycaprolactone (PCL) or another thermoplastic material. The material, when heated above a specific temperature, becomes a viscous liquid PCL suspension with bone particulates that can be extruded from an extrusion-based three-dimensional printer. This allows for the construction of anatomically shaped, porous, and patient-matched scaffolds with innate bioactivity that can be used to regenerate bone.

This technology is the development of anatomically-shaped, porous scaffolds comprised primarily of bone extracellular matrix.  The gross geometry can be extracted from computerized tomography images and made in the shape of the patient’s bone. The pore sizes and geometry can be controlled to optimize tissue in growth and bone regeneration. Most importantly: it combines manufacturability of synthetic materials with bioactivity of native materials.
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EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX (ECM) MIXTURE AND ECM SCAFFOLDS MADE WITH SAME PCT: Patent Cooperation Treaty United States 15/739,946 12/26/2017     Pending
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